The Maker: E. Porter Emmott

     In childhood, I was enchanted by maps and charts. Serrated coastline and empty space instilled a sense of wonder, a desire to explore worlds full of colors, textures and sights to captivate the senses. As an adult, a knowledge of navigation made manifest that youthful desire for freedom. The touch of wonder that childhood knew transformed into tangible adventure by foot or by boat, carefully pre-planned on snowy, mid-winter evenings, whiskey in hand and woodsmoke in the air, scribbling routes on time-worn charts while I await spring. 

     Working on wooden boats and historic-building restoration started me on a long journey of practicing traditional woodworking methods.  At present, I can be found in my own barn workshop.  Old wooden skiffs hang from the rafters awaiting restoration, while gossamer-thin shavings collect in drifts on the floor.  At the end of a long, dirt road, I'll be handcrafting trays with turn-of-the-century tools and machinery I've rescued from across Maine.