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Each serving tray is made from locally felled and sawn Maine oak. The careful process of dressing the lumber and cutting the joinery is all performed in my barn workshop using skills and century-old tools passed down from local craftsmen now in retirement.  With each serving tray I am preserving traditional techniques for contemporary purposes.

Any official NOAA chart of the United States can be placed in a tray.  Each image is encapsulated with a glossy, scratch-resistant, waterproof liner, and fitted into a locally-sourced, Maine-oak tray held fast with traditional joinery.  The oak wood is treated with an environmentally- and food-friendly wax finish, which is both durable and long-lasting. 

When placing an order, either by phone or e-mail, please use the 5-digit prefix that precedes each chart's geographic area to describe the desired tray.  Trays are available with either wood or leather handles.  Both are pictured on this website, and are the same price.  Please specify handle type when ordering.

All shipping costs are paid by the receiver. 

Product photography of the trays for your Website or social media is available upon request.

All available charts can be found either on my website, or in the chart catalog of the NOAA homepage found at the click-able link below:



Images other than charts, for which the customer possesses the copyrights or it is in the public domain, can be used upon request with a minimum order of (5) five trays, or an additional fee of $25 per each on orders of less than (5) trays.  A sample proof of the image will be made available before the tray is completed.  Each image will print to 13" x 19" and some cropping may be required.

Each NOAA chart will have the white border and some technical/geographical information along its outside edges cropped away so that the image appears borderless once in the tray.

No minimum quantities for wholesale purchases of NOAA charts.

If a customer requests a chart image not held in your stock, I can print any NOAA chart on demand and ship to you, or drop ship directly to the customer, with the shipping costs charged to the customer.

Provided with each tray is a hang tag on heavy cardstock and jute string, which provides a short story about the product.

Outside dimensions: 13.25"W x 19.25" L

Please contact Evan Emmott directly for pricing.